Engage your contacts, manage your website, and grow your audience, all in one clean easy to use product.

Everything you need in one place.

Intuitive. Reliable. Secure.

Spoke centralizes ten different tools that you depend on daily for your website, contacts database, email campaigns, events, and fundraising. Spoke also saves you money and time, and improves your data quality automagically by synchronizing your data with any other third party databases you use. This ensures that a uniform message is presented to your members and the public, across all internal and external communication channels.

Contacts database

Contacts database

Website management


Database integration





Companies database

Companies database

Forms & surveys

Charts & lists


Payment processing



Contacts database

Contacts database.

Engage with your contacts, understand them on a micro level.

Contacts database highlights.

Contact notes

Add private or team notes to contact profiles to keep a record of meetings or interactions between your organization and each member.

Unlimited groups & tags

Spoke allows you to create unlimited groups and add unlimited tags to contact profiles. Groups are useful for managing access to your website, and tags simplify building reports & lists.

Unlimited custom fields

You can create custom fields to store more information about each user, and these custom fields are also available for search and reports.

Website management

Website management.

Easily manage your public and members-only content.

Website management highlights.

Unlimited pages

Spoke allows you to create as many pages as you need to get your message across to your audience, and every page includes advanced analytics.

Multiple templates

You can create templates for each page on your site, with custom colors, images, menu, and more. This is useful if you manage multiple chapters of your organization and want a centralized dashboard.

Private portals

Control the visibility of each page on your site by creating custom contact groups, and restricting access to certain pages to only the members of select group(s).

External database integration

External database integration.

Automagically merge duplicates. 2-way integration. Select fields to sync.

Database integration highlights.

Any database

Our integration module allows you to connect with any external database such as third-party software, database servers, or FTP folders where spreadsheets are periodically deposited.

Duplicates merged

You can define the rules for how duplicates should be treated, and when the system identifies records that are duplicates it merges those records automagically.

Single sign-on

If your members also need to log into another online software, you can setup the database integration so that members only are automagically logged into both software at once.

Website management

Email campaigns.

Scheduled newsletters. Free templates. Subscriptions managed automagically.

Email campaigns highlights.

Real-time lists

Your emails lists are automagically updated based on tags, member roles, standard fields, or custom field contents. Users can also update their newsletter subscriptions easily.

A/B Split Testing

Spoke simplifies the setup of your A/B testing campaing, and takes care of delivering the initial and final emails automagically. This helps you grow your conversion rate significantly over time.

FREE email templates

With our drag-and-drop email builder you can start from a variety of professionally-designed templates and make them your own for completely branded and truly unique emails that look great on any device.


Firewall. HTTPS/SSL encryption. DDOS & malware prevention. PCI DSS compliance

Security highlights.

Website firewall

We will protect your website from all website attacks including software vulnerability exploitation attempts, brute force attacks and distributed denial of service service (DDoS) disruptions.

PCI DSS compliance

Anyone involved with the processing, transmission, or storage of credit card data must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). We take care of this for your website automagically.

Blacklist clean-up

Maintaining your website integrity and reputation is a big responsibility. Blacklisting authorities feel the same way about protecting their users. Our security team continuously monitors these blacklisting authorities for you.

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